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Make your life radiant.

ILU Botanical Beauty is a small-batch, handcrafted line of skin care, pain relief, and

aromatherapy products that bring together the benefits of natural ingredients with cannabis. The

founder, Louisa, applies her expertise as an herbalist to craft the most effective blends for well-

nourished, radiant skin and lips. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and quickly absorbs

anything applied to it. Give your skin real care, with ingredients that work synergistically to

provide protection and relief.


With a background as an herbalist, Louisa has been crafting skincare and natural herbal

products for years. In 2012, she had a snowboarding accident that required surgery and left her

on crutches. Post-surgery, her doctor prescribed pharmaceutical medications to manage pain

through recovery. Dissatisfied with the side effects that came with her meds, she took her

knowledge in herbalism to create a topical infused with cannabis. She formulated what was later

to become her Deep Re-Leaf Muscle and Joint Balm, and with it found all-natural relief.

Re-Leaf for all.

Louisa used her homemade topical for years, sharing it with friends and family in need until

finally her loved ones convinced her to take this remarkable cream to market. Louisa was

pleased to debut her brand, ILU Botanical Beauty in November 2016. Today, she proudly

continues to craft all natural solutions for skin care and pain relief.


Every ILU Botanical Beauty product provides whole-plant benefits, with extraction and

formulations that do not strip the plants of their essence. Utilizing cold pressed organic olive oil

Louisa extracts and activates cannabinoids. Then those active, pain relieving, anti-inflammatory

cannabinoids are blended with other organic ingredients including shea butter, beeswax,

essential oils, and botanicals.



Experience holistic, fast-acting relief with ILU Botanical Beauty’s Deep Re-Leaf Muscle and

Joint Balm. This balm delivers the combined effects of cannabis and arnica in an organic

beeswax and olive oil base. Deep Re-Leaf is made with menthol crystals and essential oils that

provide a cooling effect on the skin while the soothing effects of cannabinoids take effect below

the surface.

Deep Re-Leaf is also offered in a topical pain spray. Spray the pain away with a few spritz of

Deep Re-Leaf Topical Pain Spray, ideal for arthritis, sprains, bruises, or sore muscles.

The Balm- infused tattoo balm is the bomb for those who need to calm the pain of brand new

body art. Apply a light layer over fresh tattoos, as the active cannabis relieves pain while

botanical ingredients protect from infections and bacteria.



Give your lips a minty tingle with ILU Botanical’s Merry Mint Lip Balm, organic coconut and shea

butters provide the moisture your lips need with orange and peppermint essential oils.

Revitalize your eyes with Radiant Eye Serum, made with organic jojoba oil, rosehip,

pomegranate, evening primrose, vitamin E, carrot seed and essential oils. Apply over lines, dark

circles, or puffy areas for a high vitamin C antioxidant that will feed the skin that guards the

windows to the soul.

ILU Botanical Beauty also offers their multi-functional Toners in Balance and Rejuvenate

blends. Spritz on your face to seal in moisture or apply to a cotton pad to remove makeup or

cleanse skin.

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