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The seeds for your needs   Humboldt Seed Company proudly offers premium-quality medical marijuana seeds for California patients; empowering them to cultivate their own medicine. Their cannabusiness provides premium cannabis seeds and concentrates rendered in compliance with the state’s marijuana laws. Compassion and cannabis go hand in hand, which is why Humboldt Seed Company donates to various charities, including those that provide marijuana for lower income patients. The staff at Humboldt Seed Company believes treatment and relief through medical cannabis should be safely accessible to all who need it.   We hope you convserve water, support community based enviromental groups, minimize your carbon footprint, refrain from using chemicals and have a great time in your garden!   History Humboldt Seed Company was founded during a time when marijuana plants were mainly clones. Since much of the cannabis on the market originated from bags of mixed seeds with unknown genetics, it made identifying and producing flowers with medical benefit near impossible. That was when Humboldt Seed Company’s CEO and Chief Breeder began geno-hunting, seeking out stable seeds from trustworthy sources. Humboldt County growers often face the trouble of mold as the wet climate of Northern California is not ideal for many Indica and Hybrid strains. So, Humboldt Seed Company launched their breeding program in 2001 and began their mission to provide stable seeds for patients in need. Since then, Humboldt Seed Company has accomplished tremendous feats in genetic development, creating stable strains suitable for California’s various climates. Their collective gladly offers to share their knowledge and distribute wellness through their marijuana seeds and extracts to any patient in need.   Process Humboldt Seed Company’s  Chief Breeder has made strain stabilization into a Humboldt Seed Company specialty. They breed genetics to withstand various climates, making it possible for patients in the various climate regions of California to grow their own medicine. The Humboldt Seed Company team tests their cannabis in a variety of growing environments to ensure their flowers can flourish in different types of California weather.   Products Humboldt Seed Company provides a menu of high-quality seeds along with a wealth of information about each of their strains. Their philosophy of honesty and purity in cannabis guides their collective to provide as much education to their customers as possible.   Royal Highness is a Humboldt Seed Company original - this strain produces dense flowers with light-green and deep-violet nugs. Humboldt Seed Company cultivators crossed Humboldt Headband X OG Kush XAK47 to create marijuana with a potent smoke that enables euphoria and enlightenment. These buds are potent - Royal Kush’s frosty nugs yield potential THC of 28% and above.   Humboldt Seed Company’s signature strain is Blueberry Muffin, which grows into uniformly frosty colas bursting with purple flakes. These ladies are potent in aroma and effects, with flowers that elicit a strong blueberry smell and energizing-yet-pain-relieving high.   Dream Queen seeds are also a large producer.Not only do these buds flower quickly, but they offer THC levels that push 23%. Dream Queen was the result of parent strains Purple Panty Dropper X Skunk #1 X Mazar Star coming together to create a strain with the dreamiest yields.   Lab Testing Every product of Humboldt Seed Company is lab tested and compliant with current and upcoming cannabis regulations. They provide end-of-season testing on each strain for potency and perform genetic testing to identify irregularities within strains. Humboldt Seed Company is proud to be a source for clean, reliable cannabis seeds for patients in need.

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