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High Voltage Rolls

What is High Voltage:

High voltage is a hand crafted cone infused with live resin Shatter & OG Kush. Each Cone has net Wt. of 1.3 Grams. Our rolls are carefully rolled using Calis finest flower to ensure the ultimate smoking experience.

What Flower we use:

We hand select each batch of flower. We only use California's finest OG Kush so you can expect a potent and well balanced high.

What is live resin:

Live resin is extracted with only fresh harvested flowers in order to preserve the full spectrum of terpenes, resulting in high potency for flavor and terpene rich profile.

We are lab tested:

We test well at 37.9% THC. Each batch is blind tested for quality.

How doe it smoke:

Having hand rolled cones give you a lasting consistent burn. A cone packed full of Good Times whether you are on the go or just sitting down for a quick break. Convenient for any situation, light up and enjoy the infusion of live resin and og flower all in natural hand rolled cone.


OG Kush has relaxed yet happy high! Great for day or night use. Get the euphoric and electric high with a high voltage roll.

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