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Heavenly Buds is an 1-502 producer/ processor in Washington State.  Their state of the art grow facility produced its first harvest in June of 2015.  Since then the passionate crew has been perfecting their techniques and in early 2017 became Clean Green Certified which lets the consumer know they do not use pesticides in cultivating and uphold high-standards in their production process. 



Heavenly began in the medical community.  The master grower and his partner were tired of being prescribed pain pills for chronic pain so they began to craft their own safe products free of harmful chemicals and pesticides.  Their meticulous process carried into the recreational business which made it “fairly” smooth to scale up to an industrial size operation, even with all the uncertainty with the FED’s.

This stringent dedication to quality also made it easy for H.B. to become the first to pass the stringent medical testing standards.


Heavenly is a tier 2 indoor facility.  They grow in soil and cold cure in glass.  Everything is hand trimmed to preserve the quality of the flower, potency, bag appeal as well as the integrity of the trim.  The quality of the trim will also determine the quality of the concentrates rendered.   

At this time, Heavenly does not have a room to process concentrates in-house, so the CEO reached out to the canna-community and found another i-502 producer/ processor that shared the same high standard, Bodhi High.  Bodhi produces every consistency from terp sugar to shatter so there is a consistency for every dabber.


Experience higher-quality with their wide verity of products from top-shelf flower, in-house made rosin (solvent-less concentrate) to their new premium chocolates made with BHO distillate and pure-plant CBD distillate.

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