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Our Mission:

So good it’ll have you wanting more.


Guilty Pleasures by Millie shakes up the edible game, creating radically unique and potent edibles that tease the taste buds like nothing else. Guilty Pleasures strives to put a new spin on medicinal cannabis, combining effective medicinal candies and chocolate with fun shapes and delicious flavors. Perfect for cannabis consumers of all ages, young and old, Guilty Pleasures aren’t only a line of edibles; they’re a lifestyle brand ready to inspire patients to have fun while safely and consistently getting the relief they need.


Millie, of Guilty Pleasures by Millie, has been involved in the marijuana industry for years, carrying experience in trimming, budtending, and learning to cook edibles as her cannabis career evolved. With a passion for what medical marijuana can do for patients, she also had a sweet tooth that gave her taste for what made the perfect edible. When the opportunity came along, Millie took the chance to start Guilty Pleasures by Millie in February of 2016, combining great tasting cannabis edibles with a fresh and unique style that’s entirely Millie. Growing exponentially since the beginning, Guilty Pleasures has won over the mouths and minds of dispensaries and patients throughout Detroit and Lansing, establishing a reputation for deliciousness and potency so that when people say “Guilty Pleasure,” they know exactly what they mean.


Guilty Pleasures uses all organic materials in their edibles, creating absolutely everything from scratch. They create their gummies with natural gelatin and sugar and extract their infused cannabis from their exclusive growing partner using RHO and RSO extractions. Through trial and error, Millie’s girls have perfected the recipes for their edibles, and with an excellent potency and dosage each time, patients know they’re in for a treat every time they take a bite.


From gummies to chocolates to hard candies and vegan options, Guilty Pleasures by Millie offers a delectable edible for every palate. Their Guilty Pleasure Gummies come in dosages of 150 mg and 250 mg, molded in a variety of unique shapes such as bullets, grenades, AK-47s, hearts and more depending on their fruity flavor. Millie infused her chocolates with fun add-ins ranging from Oreos, marshmallows, and bacon, while their unique Sushi Platter (150mg) offers a miniature plate of medicated candy sushi, including a medicated fortune cookie.

Lab Testing:

Guilty Pleasures lab tests all of their edible cannabis products, collaborating with Iron Laboratories to measure each product’s potency. Guilty Pleasures by Millie prides themselves on using the highest quality ingredients in each of their edibles, offering a consistently potent, delicious and unique edible encounter with every bite.


Guilty Pleasures edibles line the shelves of dispensaries all over Detroit and Lansing, Michigan, most prominently in the House of Dank, Healing Tree, Green Mile, Tru Releaf, First Class Releaf, Capital Wellness, Capital Dank, The Clinic and Green Farms. They soon hope to expand their edible line to Grand Rapids and throughout the state of Michigan, to better help patients access their practical and tasty products and find the relief they seek.

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