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“Form, flavor, and function.”


Sip on gold with a Golden Oil premium distillate cartridges — crafted to inspire bliss. The mission is lifestyle enhancement with premium extracted cannabis oils, high-quality edibles, and fresh flowers. All choices lead to gold — each Golden Oil product is exceptionally crafted and provided in state-of-the-art delivery systems.


Reimagine your cannabis experience and enjoy Golden Oil.




Premium begins in the garden.

Golden Oil begins by sourcing the highest grade cannabis flowers cultivated by boutique master growers in Oregon. The raw materials are then processed at their extraction facility, leaving only the plant’s most desirable components -- robust cannabinoids and terpenes.


Providing a golden experience requires delivering the best in every aspect. From the oil to the hardware, Golden Oil delivers the ideal cannabis experience. With satisfaction is the driving factor, the team developed vape cartridges that satisfy with every drag. Golden Oil cartridges are wickless and completely plastic free. All that Golden Oil is encased in a quartz tank with a base featuring anti-leak technology. Golden Oil’s wickless ceramic cell supplies thick clouds without ever spitting or dry hits. The mouthpiece will never leave your lips hot thanks to the center post diffuser built inside.



Golden Oil offers a vast selection of distillate cartridges through their premium lines including Private Stash, Gold Label Reserve, and Golden CO2. Golden Oil even has a Gold Label Starter Kit that includes Golden Oil’s Bliss Vape Pen Battery and a USB Charger. Enjoy dabs of premium distillate or get creative with their Bliss Premium Dabble. Whether used to twax newly rolled-up flowers or dripped into a freshly heated banger, euphoria will follow.


For a more traditional option, pull out the light and spark up Golden Oil’s Premium Cannabis Preroll Joint. Each smooth preroll provides even-burning hits and comes in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid blends.


Experience Golden Oil’s extracts without smoke or vapor. Golden Oil’s Fruit Chews come in four delicious flavors: Acai Berry, Kiwi Strawberry, Tangerine, and Tropical. Each is crafted with real fruit and infused with Golden Oil’s 1:1 THC:CBD active distillate.

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