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Gold Drop Co. delivers a new standard for medical cannabis concentrates. They remain in touch with their customer's needs, paying close attention to the demands of the medical marijuana community. Gold Drop Co. provides safe, potent, high-quality medical marijuana extractions with consistency on which patients can rely. Their menu is diverse and comprehensively addresses the myriad of needs cannabis patients have.  



Gold Drop Co. is the gold standard in cannabis extraction, and they have the accolades to prove it. Gold Drop Co. swept HempCon in 2015, taking home eight awards from San Bernardino HempCon and five at San Jose HempCon. At the start of 2016, Gold Drop Co. went just as hard. Their brand was a nine-time award winner of the San Francisco Hempcon in January and took six more wins at the 420 Weekend Awards later that year. Their commitment to premium cannabis extraction was met with enthusiasm and Gold Drop Co. is pleased to continue providing a higher standard in marijuana.



The magic starts in the Gold Drop Gardens, where master cultivators devote individualized attention to their marijuana flowers. Gold Drop cannabis is cultivated with superiority in mind and is meticulously tended to, producing dense, resinous yields. From their state-of-the-art indoor grow to their large-scale outdoor farm, Gold Drop Co. cultivators plant their seeds where strains will flourish best, which results in cannabis flowers that later become golden, award-winning concentrates.



Gold Drop Co. creates translucent, golden solventless cannabis extracts. Their menu of concentrates includes Shatter, Live Resin, Distillate, and cartridges.


For fast-acting, potent relief on the go, take a drag from one of their cartridges, available in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains. Their LIve Resin Shatter comes in three delicious variations: Tangie Goji, Super Goji Haze, and Grape Stomper X Cherry Puff. For those in search of concentrates with a sugary and saucy consistency, Gold Drop’s line of pure Live Resin extracts is for you . Their Live Resin is available in Cookies and Cream, Tina Danza, Helen Back, and Gilz Nilz strains. For an exceptionally flavorful and high-potency dab, scoop up a bit of their Lemon Tree Terp Slurp premium Distillate. This Terp Slurp presents a strong lemon flavor profile and aroma, and the effects create a numbing body high with profound euphoria.

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