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From the Soil offers Washington consumers the pinnacle of cannabis cultivation and extraction. They respect the cannabis plant they grow, and utilize all-natural and clean processes to bring out each flower’s best potential. Combining decades of experience, a passion for cannabis and an eye for excellence, From the Soil consistently provides top-tier cannabis flower and concentrates to recreational users across the state.


From the Soil officially began their cannabis brand in 2016, while their cannabis journey stretches back decades with culminating growing, extracting and marijuana knowledge. They invested the early days of their organization researching the best growing practices, designing their facility from scratch and investing effort in every detail to bring the best possible product to consumers. Instilled with a passion for growing with this amazing industry, From the Soil has grown today from 18 acres to over 92 acres.


From the Soil offers unique genetics sourced from around the world, including Amsterdam, Colorado, California, and more as well as creating their own hybrids in house. They grow their cannabis with zero pesticides, using probiotics soil and mixing sunlight with artificial light to offer their plants an ideal growing environment. Their marijuana cures at minimum for three weeks, and their concentrates are extracted using both BHO methods.


Creating flower, wax, shatter, crumble, live resin, sugar and more, From the Soil caters to all ranges of the cannabis experience. Their flower contains the highest testing terpene profiles in Washington, and their Gorilla Glue #4, Pamelina, Alien Orange Cookies and Cookies and Creme all knock it out of the park with their customers.

Lab Testing:

All From the soil products undergo certification at Testing Technologies, confirming lack of pesticides, mold, mildew, solvents and microbes while evaluating terpene profiles and potency.


From the Soil’s products can be found in roughly 75 stores scattered across Washington, including Ganja Goddess, Have a Heart, Bud Hut, LUCID, and Mari J’s.

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