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“you are what you extract” - founder, forever phoenix products

Forever Phoenix is aiming much higher than good cannabis products. Their goal is to go beyond just cool packaging and to bring marijuana patients the healing and wellness available in all of natures plants with cannabis as its active ingredient. Forever Phoenix is passionate about a plant that should never have been banned in the first place, and are looking to make up for lost time by pioneering advancement in unique formulations, research and testing. Their dedication to formulating the most useful medical cannabis products drove Forever Phoenix to spend more than they make, putting most of their profits to enhancing and perfecting their marijuana products. Marijuana patients and the cannabis community will always come first for Forever Phoenix, and through their hard work the future of marijuana looks bright.

Process: Through a year and a half of development and dedication to the highest quality assurance, Forever Phoenix provides safe and reliable medical marijuana products. Forever Phoenix has no reservations about going the extra mile for their cannabis patients. They are compliant with the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations and have implemented a standard operating procedure to lock in their consistency and reliability. Forever Phoenix has their own lab, and have put safety and quality before profits to build it. Their dedication to establishing as much security and quality surrounding medical cannabis is truly the mark that makes Forever Phoenix stand out among the rest.

Products: Forever Phoenix utilizes a variety of superfoods and antioxidants to work synergistically with the helpful cannabinoids in their products. This allows patients to receive maximum herbal benefit through natural medicine. Forever Phoenix is pro at versatility, creating cannabis products to suit the needs and lifestyles of as many in the marijuana community as possible. Forever Phoenix shatter, and vapes are ideal for patients that are seeking to relieve smaller ailments, while their capsules and CBD products are heavy hitters for managing severe pain. No matter what the patient chooses, Forever Phoenix guarantees quality and satisfaction in each of their marijuana products.

History: Forever Phoenix began over two years ago and saw lots of help from the first dispensary they were in. Forever Phoenix kept a keen ear on their patients, listening intently to what they need and are looking for in a marijuana product. They then applied the information they gathered into product development and set up a sophisticated lab, to facilitate the best cannabis formulation available. Being enthralled by the communal aspects of marijuana was what captured the founder’s attention to cannabis at 18. From his time spent in the beautiful mountains of BC to the remote beaches of northern Australia’s most eastern point, the founder began to realize that cannabis wasn’t just something you did to get high at parties, it was a way of life. It had roots everywhere in the world. He was taken aback by the many stories he heard from other travelers he encountered during his time abroad. It was evident that cannabis was something unique, special and rich in history. But what truly inspired the founder to advocacy was witnessing the freedom patients receive through marijuana’s medical benefits. The founder of Forever Phoenix helped his friend’s mom set up a grow which allowed her to formulate her own Rick Simpson Oil. After following up with her, the founder was shocked and delighted to here reports that the tumors were shrinking. For the first time the founder saw cannabis as true medicine and felt that the healing benefits of cannabis should be available to all. From there, Forever Phoenix was born, and the founder is pleased to make every effort towards the good of the marijuana community.

Lab Testing: Forever Phoenix is committed to safeguarding the marijuana community, and does so through crafting consistent and reliable medical cannabis products. Forever Phoenix lab tests their products through Health Canada Approved UBC. They test their marijuana for full spectrum microbials and inspects the raw materials post-formulation. After clean results from their first report, Forever Phoenix creates their products and run them through the second test for potency, solvents, microbials, etc. It doesn’t stop there for Forever Phoenix, they are also dedicated to secure packaging, ensuring the most precautions are taken for freshness as well as childproofing.

Networks: Forever Phoenix is pleased to be in 40 stores Canada-wide, but their brand has visions of bringing widespread relief delivered to even more patients in need. They are enthusiastic about collaborations, and sharing growth and development with other cannabusiness’ across the country. The founder of Forever Phoenix is a strong proponent of unity within the marijuana industry, and aims to be central to shaping the identity of Cannabis Companies as the industry matures. Through dedication to the craft, and a willingness to collaborate, smaller marijuana companies can remain in business and help each other develop and evolve into better methods of delivering relief and wellness.

Forever Phoenix can be found in marijuana dispensaries across Canada. Vancouver patients can pay a visit to Red Med, Green Panda, West Coast Medicann or WestCanna to find Forever Phoenix products. Those in Saint John, Moncton, Bayers Lake, or Cole Harbour can find Forever Phoenix at Tasty Budd’s cannabis dispensary. Any retailer looking to get more info on Phoenix products go to: visit them at


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