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#takeflyte with clearly better concentrates.

Flyte is a lifestyle brand that brings a new sense of adventure to the cannabis community. The

company seeks to create new ways to deliver the cannabis experience and crafts their premium

extract products to enhance the quality of life. With a non-threatening and accessible product

line, Flyte Concentrates appeals to everyone -- from heavy users to those new or returning to

the community. Flyte’s potent, easy-to-dose products allow users to experience the effect

(altitude) they desire. Flyte also remains committed to compassionate pricing and are priced to

be accessible to as much of the cannabis community as possible.

Flyte​ ​Path

Place your expectations in the upright position and prepare for takeoff. A new player in the

cannabis community, Flyte Concentrates launched in April of 2017 (420, of course) and is

hurtling down the runway to bring new products and experiences to existing and new cannabis

users. Since then, we have been very busy working behind the scenes and developing next

level products for 2018, so don’t miss the next Flyte!

Maiden​ ​Flyte

When the spectrum of cannabis products expanded and the world of extraction was discovered,

Flyte’s founders immediately recognized that this was the new frontier. The inspiration crucible

was an 8-by-10 shed, where he and his partner set in motion the plans and techniques to create

premium extractions. After 4 years of research and discovery, Flyte finally came out of the

hangar. Now, on their way to cruising altitude, Flyte Concentrates strives to continually offer

patients newer and better cannabis experiences. Our homepage has a growing

selection of products that we offer directly to registered patients. We can also be found in

medical cannabis dispensaries across Canada.


The Flyte Crew is a group of friends who truly love what they do. They begin with lab-tested,

pesticide-free cannabis. Every part of the cannabis plant except the stalk is processed through a

state-of-the-art, closed loop extraction, dewaxing and distillation systems. Flyte extraction artists

continually fine-tune techniques and look to improve the process – they have spent years

pairing dozens of cartridges with different cannabis oils. After discovering a method to distill

cannabis oil and free the concentrates from impurities, they partnered with a vaporizer

manufacturer to create a cart that would quickly vaporize the purest and smoothest of oils.

In-Flyte​ ​Menu

Flyte offers a varied menu of products from raw cannabis distillates to their ridiculously popular

Flyte Pen and cartridges. The Flyte Pen allows the user greater control of the experience while

heavier users can lift off with Launch Dabs – the company’s most potent product. They also

supply carts of a variety of delicious strains and flavours such as Grapefruit Haze, Sour Diesel,

and Pineapple. Blueberry is the most popular cart they sell. Find a cartridge you love? Well,

you're in luck! Flyte offers their pure, distillate cartridges in three-packs as well.


Hit the banger raw with Flyte’s Raw Flyte Dabs, specially formulated for the most dedicated and

discerning of the 710 community. No matter what you choose to oil the jets of your

endocannabinoid system, Flyte will take you to smooth new highs.


Flyte Concentrates is proud of the purity and potency of their extracts and confidently supply

cannabis concentrates tested by MB Labs. Their extraction artists strive for non-detect lab

results, meaning test results cannot detect any present residual solvents. Non-detect levels are

up to 50 times lower than the allowable concentration in places like Washington state, 50 times!

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