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With a dedication to excellence in all they create and a strong embrace of the inherent hilarity with which the cannabis community seems to be endowed, Pissing Excellence delivers a level of superiority in their products without any pretense. Cannabis is a tool for healing, but also a conduit to joy, happiness, and as any stoner would attest to -- laugh attacks. Mr. and Mrs. Excellence are the tandem Mayors of terp-town, and they invite you to experience cannabis concentrates with phenomenal potency, purity, and flavor. The Pissing Excellence team are cultivators at heart, but happen to be talented high-quality extraction artists as well. They have their hand in every part of the process from soil to oil, which lends itself to providing the highest level of quality assurance. Have the last laugh with Pissing Excellence.



Combined, the Pissing Excellence team has more than 50 years of experience in cannabis cultivation. Growers from the start, the team spent its years perfecting the art and science of nurturing and yielding sticky, resinous buds. As the cannabis industry evolved, the team was in step with the emergence of extraction. They developed with experimentation and proprietary techniques until they were ready to put a face to their concentrates.


Mr. Excellence’s work made its first appearance in 2013, marking the launch of Pissing Excellence. From that point forward, Mr. and Mrs. Excellence were moving in step with a different wave: cannabis legalization and compliance. Their team held true to its first love -- cultivating marijuana -- and continued to operate cannabis gardens of the utmost excellence. They fine-tuned other aspects of the business as well, even employing double lab testing with two different facilities. Today, Pissing Excellence continues to serve the cannabis community premium concentrates. Every part of the brand experience, from the moment you lay eyes on their packaging to the moment you inhale their concentrates, will put a smile on your face.



The integrity of the starting material determines the quality of the concentrate, which is why Pissing Excellence master growers meticulously tend to their crop. Their vertically integrated operation means excellence is present from start to finish. Once their flowers are ready to become concentrate, Pissing Excellence processes nugs with hydrocarbon extraction using pharmaceutical grade 99% pure N-butane in a closed loop, recyclable system. The solution is then purged until only pure cannabinoids and terpenes remain. Every system used by Pissing Excellence is ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) listed, and meets California’s requirements for volatile extraction.



Live resin, shatter, cartridges, and syringes, when you spot golden concentrates encased in a box or seal with a bearded child taking a whiz, you know it’s Pissing Excellence. Their vape cartridges allow you to carry excellence wherever you go, available in Gold and Black labels. Their Black Label line includes delicious terpy strains such as Fire OG, Strawberry Banana, and Sour Grape. Potent contenders such as Pure OG, Clementine, and Apple Jack comprise a portion of Pissing Excellence Gold Label vape cartridges, with several more great strains from which to choose. Tahoe OG Salsa is a Sauce concentrate that delivers a gamut of cannabinoids and terpenes in a chunky sauce. Orange Cookies HCE Nerds offer little clusters of Orange Cookies’ essence in a high cannabinoid extraction with powerful potency. Break out the rig and dab tool for Pissing Excellence’s shatter; they offer Sour Cookie Nectar, Soul Assassin OG Shatter, and many more. Squeeze a bit of wellness into your banger or bring a potent addition to a joint or blunt with Pissing Excellence Transparency Applicators, filled with premium distillate of patient-favorite strains such as Kandy Kush, Gelato, and Sunset Sherbet.


Lab Testing

To ensure their extraction artists are only Pissing Excellence, Mr. and Mrs. Excellence are pleased to offer lab-tested cannabis products. SC Labs tests every batch of Pissing Excellence concentrates for cannabinoid and terpene content, pesticides, residual solvents, and microbials. Every month, the Pissing Excellence team has their concentrates double tested by an additional cannabis testing company to guarantee accuracy and consistency.  

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