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Integrating advanced science with natural healing, Evolab strives to offer the full integrity of the cannabis plant in their extracts. Their lab team designed a proprietary technology designed to preserve all the benefits of cannabis rather than isolating only cannabinoids. Thanks to their efforts, Evolab offers some of the most potent, flavorful, and purest concentrates around. From High Times Cannabis Cup winners to topicals and more, Evolab produces some the healthiest and most reliable cannabis products available.


Evolab was founded by Alex Cahoj in 2009, with a dedication to creating the purest possible cannabis extracts using CO2 methods. Partnering in 2014 with a French chromatography company, Pic Solutions, he and the team at Evolab developed the first supercritical CO2 extractor designed specifically for the marijuana market.


Evolab pioneers the use of their proprietary extraction procedures, involving a combination of chromatography and supercritical CO2 extraction to produce the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products. Working alongside research citing the benefits of the Entourage Effects, Evolabs’ extraction preserves the plant’s natural terpenes to retain the highest possible benefits and integrity of each flower profile.


Evolabs’ laboratory manufactures a full range of cannabis concentrates and infused products rich in both cannabinoids and terpenes, all while utterly free of agents, solvents, and additives. Their Chroma oil is almost pure cannabinoids, testing at 80-95% potency with flavorful terpenes offering a consistent, quality taste. Their FreshTerps offer strain-specific, cannabis-derived concentrated terpene extract, perfect for intensifying dabbing experiences or for experiencing on their own. Their Alchemy product pre-mixes both Chroma and FreshTerps for a powerfully potent, out of this world full-flower experience.


In addition to their line of products, Evolab offers a range of services to budding cannabis companies, including solvent-free extracts processing, cannabinoid infusion and incubation, and consultation services.

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