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About Doc & Yeti Urban Farms

We are Doc & Yeti, two guys who believe in putting you first and are driven to make the best even better. Our drive is what led us to be the first legal producer in Tumwater, Washington. These plants and this industry are truly our passion. We hire local people with great attitudes who share our determination to provide a premium experience.

Propagation - We start from taking only the very best cuttings from the healthiest of Mother Plants. The delicate cuttings are then rooted, and put into the Vegetative room long enough to get big and strong. Once they are big enough the young plants are brought into the Flowering room where they will begin the transformation into big beautiful flowers.

Flowering - Doc & Yeti flowering rooms always have complete climate control in order to create the most beneficial environment for our cannabis plants. Temperature, Humidity and CO2 levels are constantly monitored. Skilled growers work with every plant individually to ensure that come harvest time, every bud is of the highest quality. We are sure you will enjoy our flowers as much as we do!

Harvesting - We love Harvest Time! This is when we send the troops in, with scissors in hand to harvest our beautiful buds. Care of the fragile flowers is top priority. Drying the flowers is a careful balance between temperature and humidity. Get it right and the result is beautiful aromatic buds bursting with flavor.

Packaging - Doc & Yeti products are conveniently packaged for easy viewing, freshness, and function. Our clear and easy to carry jars with “stay fresh” seals are the obvious choice for Cannabis consumers on the go, or on the couch.

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