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Heal while you bathe.

De La Beuh marries skincare with cannabis luxury. Offering a colorful line of cannabis-infused bath bombs, scrubs and more, De La Beuh eases a variety of health issues while soothing the soul. Their products’ highest quality cannabis and natural essential oils smell amazing, are exciting to use, and offer therapeutic effects to banish your troubles away. With award-winning products and delectable scents, De La Beuh’s bliss is only a bath bomb away.


Leanna Friedman launched De La Beuh after noticing a lack in cannabis-infused skincare and bath products within the industry. With a history of family skin concerns, Friedman knew a bath bomb with cannabis would be beneficial to many patients with similar concerns. She was inspired by Lush Cosmetics, and after months of making edibles only for her friends, she decided to combine the two and venture out into the cannabis market. Her history within the cannabis industry began years before helped her to navigate the early days of forming her cannabis-filled goods, and mastering formulation. Within months of forming, De La Beuh won Chalice 2016 for their coffee scrub, and since then they’ve grown exponentially. They partner with professional skincare companies to continuously improve their formulas, and De La Beuh products feature in sixty dispensaries across California. Soon, De La Beuh wants to expand to other legal states, and feature their CBD products in dermatologists and other skin wellness centers across the country.


De La Beuh collaborates with master players in the growing industry, using carefully crafted cannabis as the source of all of their skincare products. They then introduce essential oils into the equation, capitalizing on the many benefits each oil provides via aromatherapy and allowing their products to sooth a range of health issues. Never settling for inferior ingredients, De La Beuh then uses their proprietary method of infusing their utterly pure cannabis into their products. Thanks to this process, De La Beuh products have one High Times, Chalice, Blazer’s Cup, and been on the cover of LA Times and featured in LA Weekly.


De La Beuh crafts a variety of skin care products, all crafted to soothe, relax, and heal. Their lavender bath bomb and scrub are among their most popular scents, and their coffee scrub is the recipient of several awards. De La Beuh also crafts seasonal bath bombs with fun, creative colors that always sell out. Every few months they switch up their offerings, and keep a selection of 5 consistent scents always available for their long-term canna-fans.

Lab Testing:

Working with SC Labs, De La Beuh lab tests all of their skincare products for potency, pesticides, residual solvents and other contaminants to ensure purity and quality of goods.


De La Beuh features their THC products in dispensaries across LA and Orange County, with a few select shops available in Sacramento, San Diego, and Las Vegas. Places such as MedMen, the Kind Center, The Weed in Studio City, New Amsterdam Naturals and Essence in Las Vegas feature their bath bombs, and curious customers can order their CBD products directly from their website.

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