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Cultivating fine cannabis is an art, similar to brewing the perfect cup of coffee or craft beer. At Dawg Star, they understand the ideal combination of rest, nutrients, genetics, environment, and processing that result in an optimal crop of cannabis. Combining years of marijuana experience, a thriving passion for the plant, and a tenacity to revolutionize the industry, Dawg Star sets new high standards of excellence in Washington cannabis. They invest care and mastery at every step of the cultivation process, yielding a final cannabis product greater than the sum of its parts. Simply designed and beautifully crafted, Dawg Star makes enjoying the finest marijuana a natural part of an elevated lifestyle.



The first spark of inspiration for Dawg Star Cannabis began more than a decade ago, where the founding team made a pact to share their cannabis cultivation knowledge with the newly forming industry. Calling Washington home, they realized the current regulatory framework would need much shaping before it could truly help patients. The Dawg Star team opened one of Washington’s first marijuana clinics to help patients obtain high-quality cannabis treatment, later building one of the first cooperative grows and dispensary chains to aid patients across the state. Slowly, they continued lobbying for change in the cannabis community, establishing the CCSE and helping Washington legislators create i502. After more than a decade of legislative action, Dawg Star Cannabis officially launched to share their cultivation with the world, once again leading the marijuana industry to the highest standards through action.



Dawg Star categorizes their cannabis in three groups: Mind (Sativa), Body (Indica), and Mood (Hybrid). They start with their collection of award-winning genetics, and cultivate  many new strains.r. Dawg Star’s vegetative grow process produces cannabis plants larger, healthier and more yielding during their flowering process. Their continuous flowering rotation allows Dawg Star to harvest more than 50 crops per year, with consistent and seasonal strains populating their menu. From fan favorite Gorilla Glue #4 to their seasonal Dragon Breath and Critical Purple, Dawg Star specializes in A-Z cannabis excellence.


Lab Testing:

Quality saturates everything Dawg Star does, including the purity of and clean growing practices used to cultivate their marijuana flower. They partner with Analytical 360 to test their bud for potency, terpenes, moisture, foreign materials, microbials, and pesticides.

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