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Juxtaposing the conventional understanding of the term ‘Church’ with the waning stigma of the term ‘Cannabis’ is at the heart of the Church Cannabis’ brand. To not only bring together two disparate terms, but to shine light on the similarities that lie at each of their cores.

Avoiding the religious connotation altogether, a church is simply a place of worship — a hub for a like-minded community to come together and nourish their souls with whatever makes them whole. Passions like surfing, skating, music, or cars are increasingly including cannabis as a key ingredient. Cannabis is being used as a tool to dive so deeply into one’s passion as to reach a level of expertise and fanaticism. Church Cannabis not only provides the tool, but the community as well.

And with increased proficiency comes a more refined palate. The Church Cannabis community doesn’t settle for less because they know the difference. They notice the finer details that are often missed by the untrained eye, and they upgrade their lives by elevating both the seen and the unseen elements of their surroundings, because peak performance requires the best of all components

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