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It started with a cookie, a business trip, mismatched shoes and a long strange night.

5 years ago our founder Kevin ate a cannabis-infused cookie. It tasted terrible and had much more THC than advertised - enough for a lunar landing.

He can laugh about it now. But on the flight the next day, he realized there was a shortage of high-quality cannabis products you could trust. And maybe even more important, he thought about the reason he tried that cookie in the first place. Rather than a drink, he wanted a better way to relax. Well, it didn’t turn out as expected. He knew there had to be a better way! He became determined to build a company that would get it right.

Which brings us to Chil. Chil is a brand inspired by one incredibly naive moment.

With Chil, there are no surprises. The brand is the result of years of hard work to:

Recruit the industry’s leading experts to make high-quality edibles and vaping products Source the best quality THC/CBD Use as many natural ingredients we can in all our products – from flavor to color   Create products that taste great and deliver a consistently enjoyable experience you can count on.

We make trusted quality products that are alternatives to alcohol and harmful meds.

So whether you’re looking to enjoy time with friends, chil out or a for remedy that feels good and brings joy, we know you’ll love our reliably delicious products.


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