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“Naturally pure & carefully crafted cannabis products.”


Brio is your source for health-conscious cannabis-infused edibles and tinctures. The team is dedicated to providing an alternative for patients in need of holistic relief, with products that are high in CBD and sugar- and gluten-free. Brio advocates the powerful medicinal qualities cannabis has to offer and sees the cannabis community as a beacon for collaboration, innovation, and social change. Safe access to medicinal cannabis is everything to Brio, and the team believes patients have the right to choose how to achieve wellness. Brio’s goal is to empower Canada to break free from the toxic hold of the pharmaceutical industry and replace those products with cannabis that works with patients’ bodies, not against them. For high-quality, health-conscious cannabis products you can trust, Brio is your answer.



The team found its start helping a small group of patients comprised of close friends who depended on the cannabis products produced in the founders’ home kitchen. Since their humble origins, their efforts have never been forgotten by their patients. Brio’s journey was an evolution forged by experience, knowledge, and several years of unwavering dedication. In 2017, the Brio team launched its cannabis brand and that same year proudly won first place for CBD Edibles at the High Times Cup.



The starting material is everything and Brio sources its hemp and cannabis flowers from local organic marijuana farms. Then Brio extraction artists process those buds at their in-house extraction facility. Brio utilizes the purest extraction methods to create its concentrates, crafting cannabidiol isolate for its CBD products, and distillate for its THC products. From there, those active, isolated cannabinoids are infused into each of Brio’s products and lab tested for quality assurance.



Brio’s CBD Bites are a High Times Cup winning, tasty way to medicate. These lemon and cranberry bites are the perfect defense against stress, pain, or inflammation. They can be especially useful for those in recovery, or suffering from arthritis or anxiety. Brio also crafts several sublingual sprays both in THC and CBD options. Patients can choose pure THC or CBD or benefit from the synergy of both with Brio’s mixed sprays. Brio offers THC + CBD sublingual sprays in 1:1, 18:1, 4:1, and 8:1 ratios.


Lab Testing

The safety and efficacy of its products are paramount to the Brio team. All products are lab tested for residual solvents, potency, pesticides, and mold by MB Labs.

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