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“The Highest Standard.”


Baked Edibles Inc. is a British Columbia based company that supplies Canada’s premium edibles, cannabis oils, capsules, and topicals. Baked Edibles Inc. products stand out in two ways: Consistency of dosage and consistency of quality.


Baked Edibles Inc. products are always evenly dosed and directly infused with active cannabinoids -- never dipped, or sprayed with THC coating. Their extracts and ingredients are routinely tested by an independent laboratory for THC and CBD content and the quality is apparent.


Baked Edibles technicians begin with local ingredients and create products to the highest artisanal standards, resulting in edibles, oils, and topicals with a long shelf life that hold quality over time. To enjoy or medicate with cannabis products of the highest standard, look no further than Baked Edibles Inc.



Baked Edibles Inc.’s mission is to fill the void in patient’s ability to gain medical marijuana access. The company has roots in the cannabis industry dating back over 20 years, beginning as a simple holistic bakery that supplied The Victoria Cannabis Buyers’ Club (since 1996, one of Canada’s oldest compassion clubs). They recognized that people were in need of a holistic alternative and began using cannabis oils in many different alternative products for their patients.


Following the successful victory in the R v. Smith (2015) Canadian Supreme Court case, the company launched into a new facility that had the potential to serve patients and dispensaries across Canada  and adopted the Baked Edibles brand.


The early days of Baked Edibles were difficult due to high initial research and development costs. The team knew that entering the market with reliable and tested cannabis products was going to be more expensive, but at the time no other company was doing it and Canadian patients had little trust in edible consistency.


Because Baked Edibles’ methods emphasized quality, there wasn’t much room in the budget for marketing...but the products spoke for themselves. Patients loved Baked’s edibles and, thanks to word of mouth, the team was soon getting orders from all across the country.



Baked Edibles Inc. begins with flowers and concentrates from high-end, local cannabis gardens and extraction artists, who have been growing and working with cannabis in British Columbia for more than two decades. The majority of Baked Edibles confections are produced with pure Honey Oil, diluted to a standard potency with MCT oil, a derivative of Coconut Oil. Integrating MCT oil significantly increases bioavailability when ingesting edibles, providing that extra kick of effectiveness.



Baked Edibles offers a large selection of delicious and effective edibles as well as a line of topicals and oils that enhance patients’ quality of life. From day one, Baked Edibles’ Fudge Brownie has been the most popular star. This chocolatey confection was awarded 3rd Best Edible in Canada and is available in both 200mg and 400mg THC doses and patients claim Fudge Brownie’s potency knocks other brownies out of the park. Other product lines that have risen into the limelight are Baked’s Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Sunshower Gummies, and Classic Cookies.


Lab Testing

Baked Edibles Inc. receives lab testing from MB Laboratories in Sidney, British Columbia and tests all products at three different stages. Before production, Raw Input is tested for any toxins and cannabinoid content. Then Raw Input is diluted into a “Standardized Input” that Baked Edibles uses to create all of their products. This mixture is tested again for potency and consistency. Finally, the finished products are sent off for periodic testing to ensure accurate dosing.

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