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Our Mission:

Apothecary Labs brings professionalism, consistency and health-consciousness to the medibles market. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, their organically made and scientifically innovative cannabis products rises above misinformation and offers patients a consistent way to microdose using medical cannabis. They value the spread of health, education, and empowerment, and they reflect those values by creating health-conscious products to help as many people in need as possible.


The name “Apothecary” draws on the founders’ long tradition of healing: one of the founders spent her childhood in her Viennese Grandmother’s apothecary, watching her heal people with naturally formulated herbs and tinctures and instilling in her an understanding of plant’s power to restore wellness. Fast forward decades, where science proved cannabis’ important role in humanity’s endocannabinoid system, explaining its dozens of medical applications and successes. The founders of Apothecary Labs came together seeking an alternative to smoking cannabis, as consuming the medicine is the optimum solution. They spent the first 1.5 years in research and development, testing their products to exact their formulas, recipes and dosages. Since their establishment in 2014, they’ve grown in leaps and bounds to produce their line to dispensaries across Canada, healing patients across the nation while never wavering in their commitment to quality, accurate dosing, and deliciously healthy ways of healing with cannabis.


Apothecary Labs sources their ingredients from local vendors in Vancouver, and uses a variety of extraction processes to create their products after researching the best methods to create each with consistent results. Some of their products use finely extracted oils and others use their proprietary process of making water-soluble THC. Thanks to their large bodies of research, all of their products contain honest dosage labels, and if a patient takes a bite of a 25mg brownie, they will have a 25mg brownie every time they purchase that product. As for taste, if it doesn't pass their mom test, it doesn’t pass their kitchen.


Apothecary Labs carries a wide range of medibles, tinctures, dog treats and more, using only the purest ingredients to create their cannabis products. With everything from Cannabis Infused Honey, to Hemp-infused shaving soap, they range the gamut when it comes to cannabis medicines. Among their most popular products are their dog treats, CBD tinctures, and drinks...simply because they work.

Lab Testing:

Every product produced by Apothecary Labs is lab tested prior to distribution. They won’t use any cannabis extracts or materials not tested beforehand, and these tests include potency, contamination, terpene profiles, residual materials and more.


Apothecary Labs’ cannabis goods are available across Canada, from coast to coast and in more than 100 stores across the country. They partner with Apawthecary Pets, MetaOne Labs, and Butterfly Infusions to create a select line of the finest cannabis products available.

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