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“Naturally Pure & carefully crafted cannabis products.”


Animalitos is Canada’s source of premium quality CBD-infused products crafted for your furry, four-legged companions. The Animalitos team believes cannabidiol (CBD) is an excellent alternative to the expensive and often harsh treatments pets receive when ill or in pain.


CBD is particularly effective at treating inflammation, a common ailment for dogs. Pets are often susceptible to anxiety, and CBD’s anti-anxiety characteristics make it the perfect choice for an all-natural solution. Animalitos is proud to provide premium CBD pet products users can trust.



Animalitos was established to address a unique need for Canadian pet owners. The team noticed people couldn’t locate CBD products, a natural alternative for pets, without being exposed to recreational cannabis. They felt that needed to change.


When the team formulated the perfect CBD pet oil they sampled on their own dogs before offering samples to treat pets of friends and family. The feedback was incredible, the pets that used their CBD products were noticeably happier and felt great.


In 2016, the team was ready to offer their CBD pet products on a public scale and launched Animalitos. Today, the Animalitos team has evolved significantly and remains dedicated to crafting pure, all-natural alternative medicine for pets everywhere.



The team utilizes the best practices and the highest quality ingredients to create their CBD pet products.


First, they source the finest hemp flowers cultivated without the use of any artificial material. From there, those organic hemp flowers are processed by Animalitos masterful extraction artists into pure CBD distillate. Then, their high-quality oil is infused with their products, producing evenly blended and easy to dose, hemp-derived pet relief products.



Canada loves Animalitos CBD Dog Cookies, a great way to reward and medicate your pup at the same time. Each bag contains 30 pieces each dosed at 5 mg for a total of 150mg of CBD. These treats were formulated to help dogs suffering from arthritis, inflammation, epilepsy, anxiety, seizures, cancer, or stress. These treats will revitalize your pet’s energy and increase their quality of life. Suggested serving is 1 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight.


Animalitos CBD Tincture is terrific non-intoxicating option for pet owners. This tincture includes three simple ingredients: MCT Oil, Salmon Oil, and CBD Isolate and contains 300 mg of cannabidiol per bottle. Add to your pet’s food or water once or twice daily and be sure to shake well before using. Animalitos suggests using 0.5ml of their Pet Tincture for every 10lb of body weight.


Lab Testing

Animalitos proudly offers lab tested Pet CBD products provided by MB Labs. Each product is screened for residual solvents, potency, pesticides, and mold.

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