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About Altus

We have one mission: To empower you to make the most of your health through cannabis. We are here to provide personalized cannabis care, with a higher purpose and a higher standard.

We offer easy to swallow tablets, All-natural fruit puree "adult" gummies, and our new topcial perfect for making your sensitive skin happy. 


We don’t just talk about higher standards, we practice them. Here’s how:



You expect the product you buy to be what it says on the label. The Government allows 15% variance. That’s not good enough. We target 5% and insist on 7.5% variance max or we won’t sell it.



Our formulations are derived by doctors and pharmacologists based on the latest research. Not everyone is looking for the same thing, so we formulate to do the job you want your cannabis to do for you.



Our products are made with the highest quality raw materials available. That means 100% strain-specific sourced solvent-free distillate in all products. That means All-Natural fruit puree in our gummies and avocado oil in our topical.


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